Goodall Design F18 decksweeper

Just when we all thought the F18 boats had reached the boundary of innovation, the last F18 Worlds has proven that we can never take this for granted!

First of all, big congratulations to Mischa Heemskerk and Stephan Dekker for their outstanding performing and innovating sail design in the F18 fleet.

It is with big interest that we followed the performances of all sailors through this championship. We are more than happy to see the Goodall Design C2 is still one of the fastest designs in the F18 class. And of course, we also took a closer look to the decksweeper sail design that has helped Mischa and Stephan leave their opponents behind them on the racecourse.

While analyzing and playing with the designs, a few surprises came up. Where we first didn’t believe the light wind performances of a decksweeper sail, we now have found a very good design that should give very fast performance in all wind conditions!

Greg Goodall explains

“The tack and bottom part of the prototype sail worked really well. The other good outcome was that the fittings at the base of the mast (halyard pulley and Cunningham tang / pulley ) can remain as they are.”

“The sail looks a bit flatter due to the sail being narrower in the top but we have made the % depth greater. What this means is that we get more lift and less drag, which is the usual outcome from higher aspect ratio wing sections.”

Greg continues “The additional depth that can be built into the bottom of the sail must also be a bonus. Normally the bottom of the sail is kept flat to reduce the drag at the foot of the sail. The flat foot also means that there is not much lift,  i.e. the lift to drag ratio at the bottom of the sail is really bad.  The deck sweeper solves a lot of this problem by creating an endplate effect which reduces the drag and the greater depth results in a significantly better lift to drag ratio in the bottom of the sail.”

We worked very hard on this new design and are very happy to introduce to you our Goodall Design F18 decksweeper mainsail!

To have the full benefit of the decksweeper sail, we believe a solid tramp will create the best endplate effect. Therefor we are also working on the design of a new trampoline! More info and pictures will follow soon, we are still in full development and it looks very promising…

We have worked hard to offer you a ready to use package with almost no modification to your current boat. We can offer you both a package with or without the solid trampoline.

The package

 F18 Deck sweeper Mainsail      € 1,840.00 F18 Deck sweeper Mainsail      € 1,840.00
F18 Deck Sweeper Battens         € 375.00 F18 Deck Sweeper Battens         € 375.00
F18 Deck Sweeper Boom            € 211.00 F18 Deck Sweeper Boom            € 211.00
Mast Gooseneck Fitting for DS   € 25.90 Mast Gooseneck Fitting for DS   € 25.90
Total Retail Price                        € 2,451.90  F18 deck sweeper tramp              € 900.00
Discounted Pack Price * € 2,200.00€ ex VAT Total Retail Price                € 3,351.90
Discounted Pack Price*  3.000.00€ ex VAT


* We will offer you the package now at 2.200€ ex VAT (or 3.000€ ex VAT with trampoline)  for all orders send through before 31/08/2017.
First shipment with packages will be available mid August, more shipments with more sails will follow soon after.

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