orbit ratelblok 55 mm

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Automatic and Manual ratchet in one block! Up to 20:1 holding power (strongest available!) with minimal rope abrasion. Easily fitted and securely retained Dyneema® Link head. Simple and secure attachment The Dyneema® Link is easily fitted and is retained securely by a moulded retainer clip. The flexible link can be left with one end attached to the block when fitting - no more lost shackle pins. The system is compatible with Dyneema®/Spectra® strops webbing and caron connection points - much more so than steel loop tops or shackles. In auto mode the sheet runs out smoothly and freely sas soon as the ratchet mechanism disengages. In manual mode the sheave cross-hole geomtry eliminates the shuddering run-out that you can expect from traditional v-groove ratchet blocks. Bekijk onze productvideo op lijndiameter: 10mm schijfdiameter: 55mm breekbelasting: 750kg werkbelasting: 250kg